Quality Choices for Early Childhood Education and Child Care in Lincoln Parish

You may apply in person at each site or begin the process by bringing the completed application form with you. This is a Word document.

Here is the PDF Version of the application.

Use this handy Quick Reference Guideto learn about the quality centers in Lincoln Parish. En espanol.

Each year, Lincoln Parish's publicly funded 4-year-old programs are required to publish the number of seats being requested. 

One Day ROUND UP for PreK Students

March 2, 2017

Lincoln Parish Library Event Center 8:00-1:00 and 5:00-7:00

Questions? Contact Kathi Pesnell, Lincoln Parish Early Childhood Center




Please report any broken links to kpesnell@lincolnschools.org

Please take your child's application to the site of your choice. 

Applications will be accepted at each site throughout the year.

Louisiana Early Childhood Association

What are my options?

There are many options for quality early care and education for children birth to four years old. Please read about programs available in Lincoln Parish.